My 2017 Travel Review

I didn’t get to travel abroad as much in 2017 as much as I have in previous years or as much as I would have liked for a couple of reasons. The first being that in March 2017, my (now) husband moved stateside. Because he was in bureaucratic limbo in terms of his immigration status until October of 2017, he couldn’t exit the United States. And I wasn’t going to travel without him 😉 After October, he landed his first job here, which also prevented us from taking a lot of time away.

Nevertheless, we were still able to have a few city breaks to explore cities here in the US. Staying local (ish) only made us more excited to travel abroad in 2018 and 2019! So without further ado, a bit about the trips we did take in 2017!

April 2017 : Savannah, GA

My sister is currently in PA School (that’s Physician’s Assistant, for those of you who aren’t aware 😉 ) in Savannah, so YG and I took a long weekend to travel down to see her white coat ceremony. This was the first time I’d been to Savannah in about 10 or so years, so it was great to see the city again. We did a hop-on-hop-off trolley tour of the city’s historic center, drank a couple of pints at an English pub and of course saw my sister receive recognition for accomplishments thus far!

May 2017 and June 2017: Wilmington, NC and Wrightsville Beach, NC

I’m lumping two visits to two cities together because, yes, I went to both places two months in a row. Strange, I know. In May, YG and I decided to spend Memorial weekend by the coast in Wilmington, and at the actual beach in Wrightsville Beach, as he’d never seen the North Carolina coast yet. It was a very relaxing trip – Wilmington has a very cute historic downtown with so many choices for restaurants. And of course, I really love a beach day. In June, I went back to the same area for my sister’s bachelorette party (this time, no YG). We rented a house in Wilmington and spent our days on the beach!

July 2017: Boston, MA

YG and I decided to spend 4th of July week in Boston. I had only been once previously – I had a 10 hour layover there in 2006 on the way to Europe and left the airport to discover the city, although how much can you really see in one day?! Anyway, we loved Boston – I think it’s like a smaller, more historic and classier version of NYC. We walked the Freedom Trail, ate in Little Italy, drank fishbowls (lol) by the bay, went to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (a fave of mine!!!), and went to the aquarium. All in all, a great city – I’d definitely go back. Though it was SCORCHING hot when we were there, so maybe we’d aim to go back in spring or fall next time.

September 2017: Savannah, GA (again)

Aaaaand we went back to Savannah in September for my sister’s wedding! So not a ton of sightseeing this time, though we did get to spend some time with extended family in the city. We took a ghost tour (and actually thought it was really cheesy and not at all worth the cost). My sister’s wedding was beautiful and the reception was in Vic’s on the River which is in a historic building that has balconies overlooking the river. So picturesque and old-south. Savannah really is a unique city and I’d highly recommend it if you haven’t been.

November 2017: Miami, FL

So, before I went to Miami, all of Florida was, in my head, old people, disney tourists, and sweltering heat. We had to go to visit the Turkish consulate there (as Miami is the one that we are districted to). I was SO pleasantly surprised by Miami. It’s incredibly glamorous (lots of wealthy investors flocking there, obviously), but I think what really made me love the city was the Cuban/Latin American vibes. They say that Miami is the capital of South America – and I would not argue with that! While I wouldn’t say Miami has as much to see in light of history and culture (not like New York or Boston does), the food, shopping and tropical vibes aren’t replicated anywhere else I’ve been. I’d 100% go back to Miami for some R&R, some empanadas and mojitos and just the general chill vibes. I’d say its definitely one of my top 3 favorite cities in the US, if not my favorite.

December 2017New York City

My cousin Sydney and I came up with the brilliant pipe dream of visiting New York over the Christmas holidays and were luckily able to turn our plans into reality sort of at the last minute. The last time I’d been to New York was in 2015 when I lived there for a hot minute (that’s a story for another time), so I was really longing to go back and experience the city’s museums and culture. There are some things you just can’t get when you live in a smaller city (*ahem* the Met and the MoMA) and after a while, I’ve found I really have a yearning to immerse myself in some big city vibes. Anyway, we did a lot while there (YG joined us a couple of days into the trip as he had to work). We went to the Met, the MoMa, saw NYC Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker, shopped, went to the Tenement Museum, and ate a lot of bagels!

So I suppose that’s it, my 2017 wrap up. I didn’t go into the year with the intention of it being a big travel year because of bureaucracy and such, but we somehow found a way to sneak in visits to many cities, which I’m really happy about! Here’s to 2018 travels!

Asheville two years on

I got kinda fat in college and wondered why it happend, but lets be real I don’t know anyone who can drink as much as I did and eat Bojangles 3x a week and stay fit, like come on.

I’m pretty sure that I did not have the typical college experience. Pretty every white girl in America must say that, but Asheville really is something else and I (like to) think it was less touristy, and therefore less tainted, 6 years ago when I started undergrad.  I can’t visit Asheville without feeling nostalgic about five billion things (also, I’m writing two posts in a row about cities, so there’s that, but whatever).  I graduated from UNCA two years ago but it feels like 3 months ago.  I have done a whole lot of nothing and also did a masters degree in the meantime but a large bit of my friend group are still living in WNC so I feel like some sort of time warp has happened and I’ve missed out on a lot of exciting stuff but at the same time everything is exactly the same.

Every time I head up to the mountains I realize how much I have changed in the past two years.  I still connect with my closest friends, I still like a lot of the same things and we still get up to the same shit when I come for a visit but I guess my priorities are just so different. I’m so much more sure of myself, so much less eager to branch out at EVERY OPPORTUNITY POSSIBLE (this is both a positive and a negative thing).

Most of all, I realize how damn special my entire experience was in Asheville. I met a huge spectrum of super unique people, a bunch of which I am still close to and to live in a weird and beautiful mixed up place that isn’t recreated anywhere else.