Asheville two years on

I got kinda fat in college and wondered why it happend, but lets be real I don’t know anyone who can drink as much as I did and eat Bojangles 3x a week and stay fit, like come on.

I’m pretty sure that I did not have the typical college experience. Pretty every white girl in America must say that, but Asheville really is something else and I (like to) think it was less touristy, and therefore less tainted, 6 years ago when I started undergrad.  I can’t visit Asheville without feeling nostalgic about five billion things (also, I’m writing two posts in a row about cities, so there’s that, but whatever).  I graduated from UNCA two years ago but it feels like 3 months ago.  I have done a whole lot of nothing and also did a masters degree in the meantime but a large bit of my friend group are still living in WNC so I feel like some sort of time warp has happened and I’ve missed out on a lot of exciting stuff but at the same time everything is exactly the same.

Every time I head up to the mountains I realize how much I have changed in the past two years.  I still connect with my closest friends, I still like a lot of the same things and we still get up to the same shit when I come for a visit but I guess my priorities are just so different. I’m so much more sure of myself, so much less eager to branch out at EVERY OPPORTUNITY POSSIBLE (this is both a positive and a negative thing).

Most of all, I realize how damn special my entire experience was in Asheville. I met a huge spectrum of super unique people, a bunch of which I am still close to and to live in a weird and beautiful mixed up place that isn’t recreated anywhere else.