New year, new habits

New Year, new me right?

I feel like people gripe too much on resolutions and forget the reason that resolutions were started in the first place. It’s great to have a set date where we step back from the way we’ve been living and hit the reset button. Figure out what’s working in life, what needs improvement, and how we can reset our goals, aspirations and habits to stay on track towards what we really want long term.

The new year is a good reminder that stepping back and looking from the outside at where we are and where we want to be needs to be done from time to time. And sometimes having a set date such as January 1 looming over us is the kick in the pants from the outside that we need to do some self reflection.

This year, I’m approaching the whole resolution thing with the goal of starting new productive habits from the top of the year and aiming to continue through the end of the year. Yes, January 1 is a fairly arbitrary date, but I’m hoping that by the end of the year, keeping up these habits will have paid off in some way or another.

That said, these are the habits I want to maintain for the whole of 2018:

  • Put consistent work in to the final two courses of my Computer Science degree and finish up by the end of the fall semester.
  • Close all three rings on my Apple Watch every day (that’s a hard one!)
  • Go to 4 gym sessions a week (or at least 3).
  • Read a chapter of a book every day.
  • Complete 3 CLRG grade exams in Irish Dancing over the course of the year. This will include preparing a plethora of dancing steps and practicing consistently.
  • Keep putting money into savings
  • Write in my one line a day journal every day.

So there you have it. I suppose some of these things are more “goals” than “habits”, but I’d like to think putting consistent work into each of them is the mindset I’ll shoot for.